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Stretch Hummer Limo

H2 Hummer Limousine

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Capacity Up to 20 passenger
  • Leather Wrap around seatings
  • 2 x 15" LCD TVs
  • DVD, VCR, XM Radio, MP3 Connectivity
  • Bottoms of seats with fiber piping, Disco Light, Laser Light, Strobe Light
  • Dynamic AM-FM CD Sound System
  • Mini Bar


You've seen it crossing over rough terrain with ease on the silver screen; you've watched it transform from a military vehicle into a casual car that falls into a category similar to SUVs; and now you can see it stretched to over two times its normal size and turned into the ultimate luxury vehicle. Rather than just see it though, you should be inside it; and with up to 17 other passengers, you can experience the most luxurious side of Las Vegas within the walls of a Hummer limousine. For any sort of event, the stretch Hummer is the perfect vehicle to transport a mid-sized crowd in the ultimate on-the-road comfort zone.

Outfitted with plush leather seats that would make Hugh Hefner blush, the stretch Hummer limousine is the most comfortable vehicle on the road, offering an unrivaled environment akin to a mobile party. Once you can get past the infinite amount of comfort, you'll find yourself falling in love with the complete control you have over many aspects of the vehicle.

Known for their privacy, all limousines come equipped with a privacy screen that divides the driver from the cab. Ensuring that what happens in the back of your limousine remains in the back of the limousine, the adjustable privacy screen and completely tinted windows offer the best privacy that money could buy.

Beyond privacy, though, you'll also be in complete control of the party within the vehicle. Much like a street-bound nightclub, the stretch Hummer is lined with an assortment of fiber optic lights that douse the interior of the vehicle with a soft, welcoming glow. With a simple touch of the accessible LED touch screen, you'll be able to adjust the pulse and brightness of these lights, turning the cab into your own personalized party. To expand on the fully customizable ride that the limo offers, the radio and attached surround sound system comes with CD / DVD compatibility as well as an auxiliary port for your MP3. Tired of hearing the same songs on the radio? Just pop in your favorite CD or turn on your iPod and pull up your party playlist to get everything you could want out of the evening's transportation.

To truly fuel the party, the Hummer limousine comes with an on-board mini-bar, stocked with ice, soda, water, and, if request, harder liquor like vodka and brandi. With another person in charge of the driving for the evening, you and your guests will be able to get full enjoyment out of whatever alcoholic beverages are available to you during your ride.

When you're partying in Las Vegas, there's no such thing as to over-the-top. You'll see women dressed as scantily as possible in public and people chugging back multi-liter alcoholic monstrosities, so why should you skimp on your evening on the town and have to worry about procuring or even being your own transportation. Turn to the class and luxury of a stretch Hummer limousine for your next planned event or special evening.

Hummer Limo Package Deals

Bachelor Party Package

Bachelor PartyPackage

  • 4 Hours Hummer Limo Charter
  • VIP Entry to Nightclub
  • VIP Entry to Strip Club
  • All inclusive
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3 Strip Clubs Package

3 Strip ClubsPackage

  • Hummer Limo Transportation
  • VIP Access to 3 Strip Clubs
  • VIP Entry, No Cover, No Wait
  • Driver's Tip Included
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