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What is the "club crawl" ?

Hitting the Las Vegas nightclub scene is a pretty brutal task when you're on your own. On top of almost guaranteeing a wait at any nightclub's entrance, once inside you'll get the immediate sense that you're the odd man out. Couples and large parties litter the dance floor while the few available attractive single females have already been targeted by the egotistical club hopper. If you're an individual looking for a good time at a Las Vegas nightclub, not all is lost. With the up and coming “club crawl” making itself known across the city, you can find yourself partying with the best of them without the awkwardness of being a party of one.

The concept behind the club tour is quite similar to club hopping, save for the fact that you're not alone. Paired up with a group of people aiming to have a good night just as you are, the Vegas nightlife tour is a guided tour of Sin City's hottest nightclubs. After paying the upfront fee to join the party, you'll find yourself (and the party you're with) with immediate entrance to the selected clubs and in possession of free drink tickets to be used throughout the night. You'll be able to bypass all those that are typically the reason you get stuck in line on any given night.

Along with immediate access, you and the group you travel with may also find yourselves with a coveted VIP status for little to no extra cost. The chance to gain access to guaranteed seating and a round or two of free drinks is more than worth joining the Las Vegas club crawl, so there is an incentive for those that aren't too keen on traveling in groups.

The best part about it is that you'll never be in that position of being a solitary person in a nightclub. No matter how many people surround you, you'll still be a part of the group, which creates its own party for you to enjoy the night in. No matter who you're with, you won't have to deal with the feeling that you're completely out of place.

Though most nightlife tours stick to nearby nightclubs, there may be that one night where the nightclubs are spread farther apart. In these instances, you'll be treated to transportation to each individual club, ensuring that you're never left behind as you scrounge up extra cash for a taxi. This also guarantees that you can drink till the world is spinning and not have to worry about driving to the next nightclub on your own.

The next time you find yourself fed up with feeling alone in a Las Vegas nightclub, you can take comfort in the concept of the crawl. Party with others like you and find yourself making friends on the fly by being apart of a more personal party that travels with you rather than forcing you to find it.